Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best ayurvedic treatment for pimples - ayurvedic tips to remove pimples marks

Beauty is cherished by every individual irrespective of their sexes, age or characteristics. People are always concerned about how they look and are they presentable. Outer beauty can even take over inner beauty at times. Pimples is a very common skin problem that can attack anybody whether it is a teenager, adolescent, a young lady or elderly person. Pimple looks awful and thus ayurvedic tips must be followed to remove pimples as well as the pimple marks. 

Have you heard anybody saying, he or she is happy with way the way they look with the pimple on. No, that cannot be possible because nobody is happy having those upsetting and ugly pimple marks on their face. Ayurveda have introduced some really effective and simple treatments for removing the pimple marks or lightening the marks so that they become less noticeable. But for this you must opt for a correct type of pimple reducing and healing treatments. Ayurveda is not only simple it is also inexpensive. For opting for the treatment you do not have to search stores. Every required thing is available at home itself. Some of the herbs are easily found in the kitchen garden as well.  Home remedies from ayurveda cost you almost nothing. Below in this article there are some ayurvedic tips to remove pimple marks and stay beautiful. 

For removing pimple marks and acne marks there are almost a bundle full of simple home remedies. The easiest of them all is application of ice cube over the affected area. This method helps a lot in smoothing your skin also. This is the cheapest of all the remedies that you may like to follow. This home remedy can actually do wonders for you. It not only reduces the pimple marks but at the same time it offers a fresh glow for your skin. 

Other than ice cubes you can also apply various juices also like lemon juice and cucumber juice. Lemon juice improves the texture of your skin and lightens the pimple marks. Lemon juice should not be applied with hands. You must soak cotton balls in the lemon juice and then apply it to the pimpled areas that require treatment. The juice of cucumber also helps in lessening the scars of pimple and at the same time they also calm the itching. This juice must be applied to the skin for about 20 to 25 minutes and allow the skin to soak as much juice as it can.  Tomato raw pulp can also be applied to your skin to get rid of pimple scars. Apply tomato pulp for a hour and then wash it off with warm water or with towel dipped in warm water. All these simple home remedies can work wonders for your skin and provide you with fresh and beautiful skin.

Unlike medicines these remedies may require a little effort and energy but they are very effective and almost negligible in cost. With little patience and efforts you can acquire a skin you have always hoped for. You deserve the best and to get the best you must have to fight for it. By donating a little time for yourself you can become more beautiful and confident enough to face the world. Numerous strategies and ayurvedic tips can be followed to get the get results that too without investing money.


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